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Kakadu Plum Co

Kakadu Plum Co Jam Bundle (3 Pack)


Kakadu Plum Co. is a social enterprise celebrating Indigenous culture and Australian native ingredients. Their mission is to celebrate and share that "We have the oldest foods on earth growing on our land. Indigenous Australians have have long known the benefits of these ingredients."

Try all three delicious Kakadu Jams in this bundle. Delicious as a spread on cakes, scones, croissants or tarts and can be used straight or combined with chilli or herbs for an accompaniment to fried or grilled fish and white meats.

At the end of the wet season Kakadu Plum Co. employ local Indigenous people to harvest Kakadu Plums that are then used in their products.

All-natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or fillers. Full of delicious fresh ingredients. ​Gluten-Free and Vegan.

Product: Jam Bundle: 1 x Kakadu Plum & Strawberry Jam, 1x Finger Lime & Raspberry Jam, Desert Lime & Apricot Jam
Ingredients: Kakadu Plum & Strawberry: Strawberries (50%), sugar, freeze dried Kakadu plum (0.5%), pectin, food acids (330,296)  / Finger Lime & Raspberry: Raspberries (50%), sugar, freeze dried finger lime (0.5%), pectin, food acids (330,296) / Desert Lime & Apricot: Apricots (50%), sugar, freeze dried desert lime (0.5%), pectin, food acids (330,296)
Size: 3 x 215g