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Pure Ochre (by Yarn)

Purrpalanji (Blue) Mouse Pad

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Add some beautiful colour and vibrancy to your desk with our mouse pads. They feature beautiful artworks by artists from Warlukurlangu Artists, an Indigenous art centre based in the remote community of Yuendumu, Central Australia.

Product: Mousepad
Materials: Natural rubber backing and polyester surface
Size: 3mm(H) x 235mm ( W ) x 196mm(L)
Artwork: Purrpalanji
Artist: Nola Napangardi Fisher 

'Purrpalanji' (skinny bush bannana) is a twining climber with thin leaved and pink-brown flowers. Its bean-like edible pods are long and skinny, and can grow up to 20cm long. It is fire tolerant and grows quickly whenever moisture is available. Like 'yuparli' (bush bannana), all of the plant is eaten aside from the woody stems.