STORY - Warlu Hair Set Orange Blue

Story: Bush Food 
Artist: Carol Nampijinpa Larry 

This painting represents women gathering bush foods on Warlpiri country. They hunt for a number of different bush foods including witchetty grubs, honey ants, bush bananas, bush beans and desert truffle.Traditionally, digging sticks were charred and ground on a stone surface to create a bevelled edge. Today, Warlpiri women use crowbars to dig for bush foods.

Story: Desert Fringe-rush 
Valerie Napurrurla Morris 

Desert Fringe-rush is a native grass with an edible seed. The seeds are traditionally ground on a large stone with a small stone to create flour. This flour is mixed with water to make damper cakes which are cooked in fire coals.

Story: Majardi 
Kelly Napanangka Michaels

'Majardi' is a belt or tassel made of spun hair or fur worn during traditional ceremonies. Human hair or sometimes the fur from wallabies and possums is collected, rolled on the thigh and spun using a stick spindle. This string is then incorporated into skirts or tassels to be worn by women or men during ceremonies. This painting connects with the ancestral women of Mina Mina as they wore Majardi when performing dances and ceremonies when travelling across their country.