Adina Thermal Protection Spray 250ml-Health & Beauty-Yarn MarketplaceAdina Thermal Protection Spray 250ml-Health & Beauty-Yarn Marketplace
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Hair Care 

From shampoo, conditioner and hair oil to styling products, choose from our extensive hair care products to show your hair some tender loving care. Our range consists of shampoo, conditioner, heat protectants, hair oils, leave-in treatments, styling treatments and more! Yarn Marketplace is truly a one-stop destination to shop for all your hair care necessities. What sets our products apart from the rest is how each of our products utilises the goodness of traditional Indigenous knowledge, formulated to ensure your hair gets the best kind of care and nutrients it deserves.

Natural ingredients 

The formulas are enriched with natural ingredients that not only have proven reparative, nourishing and beautifying abilities but also feels good to use. They often also smell therapeutically soothing, so you can make your hair care regimen your own little ritual. Many of our products feature certified organic ingredients, sourced from high-quality suppliers. As much as our brands love featuring the best ingredients from mother nature in their products, they are also passionate about sustainability; which is why many of our products include ingredients that are sourced sustainably and also come in eco-friendly packaging.

Native botanicals 

Our brands specialise in the formulation of products using native botanicals, by allowing for the power of natural ingredients to truly shine through. A brand like Bush Medijina and Dilkara does the very same by taking optimum use out of traditional Indigenous knowledge. Dilkara specialises in the creation of cruelty-free and vegan beauty products that are good for the planet as much as they are for you. Their natural ingredients are also carefully harvested ethically and sustainably. Similarly, Bush Medijina is also passionate about yours as well as the mother earth’s health, which is why their products are packaged sustainably. They utilise the goodness of Indigenous knowledge in their products as a means to bring together the human community to heal.