Yarn’s Young Artists Competition Collection

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Young Artists Competition Polos. The polos feature the artwork 'The Ritjinguthinha' by competition winner Jaeve. This gorgeous artwork depicts a number of Dreamtime stories of Jaeve’s people - the Kalkadoon people of the Mt Isa region. It is an artwork that encapsulates the competition’s theme “Always Was, Always Will Be.” An important part of this competition is to support Indigenous communities. 100% of the profits from the sale of these beautiful shirts will be donated to our three partner charities Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), Gunawirra and Nutrition Plus.

‘The Ritjinguthinha’ polos come in children's and adults sizes.

Yarn couldn’t be more proud to support such incredible young artistic talent and encourage young Indigenous people to follow their passion. Jaeve, aged 16, connects with her culture through painting. ‘The Ritjinguthinha’ represents:

“the many Dreamtime stories that have been passed down on through the generations since the dawn of time.”

Jaeve tells these stories through depicting significant animals and symbols. For example, the footsteps represent the First Nations people crossing over their land as they have for 65,000 years. Through her painting, Jaeve leaves us with an important message to “embrace the ancient history of our country” as it is rich in culture and tradition, passed down through centuries of generations.

Each of our three partner charities were chosen because of the significant contributions they make to Indigenous children's lives through education, health and creative development. Here’s a brief overview of the incredible work that each of these organisations do. ALNF exists to raise language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia, with a specific focus on Indigenous, refugee and disadvantaged communities. Gunawirra works with Indigenous mothers and young children to help them through trauma with the use of many techniques, including art therapy. Lastly, Nutrition Plus is an organisation dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous children through education on healthy eating and providing remote communities with access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

We encourage everyone to support these incredible non-for-profits and the talents of young artist Jaeve through purchasing one of our gorgeous Polos. They come in both adult and children's sizes, so you'll be able to get one for the whole family!

Shop 'The Ritjinguthinha' polos here.