How to choose Indigenous Art for your Commercial Office

Mina Jukurrpa By Pauline Napangardi Gallagher - Original Painting - 152x107cm. Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, Shutterstock, 2021.

Been thinking of hanging Indigenous artwork in your commercial office, but not sure where to start? Since first impressions are everything, your establishment should make a start by choosing works that communicate and reflect the company or brand’s values, culture and mission in a non-verbal way. By displaying historically and culturally appropriate Indigenous artwork in your place of work, you are embracing and integrating the world’s oldest continuous society into the present day. It also denotes that your establishment acknowledges, supports and respects the presence and continuation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultures in corporate settings (VAECG, 2021). So, sit tight as we help guide you through the process of choosing the right artwork for your workplace and share the many positives that Indigenous artwork can bring to your employees, clients and visitors.

Indigenous Art in the Reception or Lobby as a tool for Dialogue and Wayfinding

If your establishment wants to make a great first impression on new clients, employees or executives, but can’t afford to have expensive artworks all around the office, consider strategically placing your most valuable piece/s in areas with higher visibility, such as the reception or lobby (Rise Art, 2015).

Desert Seed by Alana Nakamarra Gibson - Original Painting - 76x30cm. Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, Shutterstock, 2021.

In these spaces, the artworks can spark dialogue amongst the visitors while they wait for meetings, interviews or appointments. The Indigenous artworks can strike up conversations surrounding the painting’s acquisition, cultural significance, or the artistic style. This is especially since First Nations artworks are quite complex and intricate in their appearance and layered with stories of cultural significance. Having art in these waiting areas also gives your visitors the opportunity to take a break from their busy lifestyles and actually observe the work, leaning into their thoughts and feelings. For some, this can incite inspiration or a different perspective about the world around them (Artwork Archive, 2021).

Commercial offices can often feel like a maze of hallways, desks and doors. Since we as humans tend to make note of memorable features in an environment, art can be used as a landmark tool to help visitors travel through your office with ease (Work Design Magazine, 2021).

Puyurru Creeks by Lynette Nangala Singleton - Original Painting - 30x30cm Ngapa by Lynette Nangala Singleton - Original Painting - 30x30cm (left). Bush Potato by Alicka Napanangka Brown - Original Painting - 107x107cm (right). Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, Unsplash, 2021.


Janganpa By Glen Jampijinpa - Original Painting - 76X76cm. Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, Unsplash, 2021. 

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