STORY - Warlu Hair Set Turquoise Red

Story: Lappi Lappi Dreaming
Artist: Portia Napanangka Michaels 

This artwork is about 'Lappi Lappi' - a rock hole near Lake Hazlett, WA. Lappi Lappi provides a permanent source of water and is surrounded by country rich in bush tucker. In the Dreamtime, mothers with young children would gather at Lappi Lappi because it was a safe place to stay. The rock hole was home to a rainbow serpent that would travel underground between various rocks holes. One day, women were gathered at the rock hole with their children singing and dancing. The rainbow serpent heard the sound of voices so it travelled silently towards them under the water. When it reached the edge of the rockhole it rose out of the water and ate them all. 

Story: Nguru Yurntuma-wana 
Cecilia Napurrurla Wilson 

'Nguru Yurntuma-wana' translates to 'country around Yuendumu.' This painting depicts the natural landscape of the area. The bush around Yuendumu features plenty of trees, grass, animals to hunt, and edible plants to gather. There are also a number of beautiful natural features in the area, including rocky hills, creeks, soakages and waterholes which allow the plants and wildlife to thrive.

Story: Emu Dreaming 
Sabina Nungarrayi Gibson  

This painting depicts Emu Dreaming, a Dreamtime story which originates from a place called Ngarlikurlangu, north of Yuendumu. The painting tells the story of an emu and a bush turkey who used to be good friends. However, they grew jealous and suspicious of one another, had a huge fight and sadly parted ways forever.

Story: Karnta Jukurrpa 
Carol Nampikinpa Larry 

This painting depicts women hunting for bush foods around the Dreaming sites Yumurrpa and Wapurtali on Warlpiri country. Warlpiri women hunt for a number of different bush foods at different times of the year.