STORY - Balibal (red)

"This is about my totem, Balibal, the black diamond spotted stingray. Balibal was tied up with that ceremony that belongs to yellow trevally, shark (we call him Wurruku), that's the fella who made this channel here. The country of the song that Balibal starts is here in this channel between Mornington Island and Denham Island right up to Dunkaru. That's why it's my totem. When they been travel, they made that channel here, really they been run away from that lightning, that rain man. Lightning, he's the one that been frighten them. They were supposed to circumcise that yellow trevally over there on Denham Island, but they never do him, that boy. Every time they dance, the white crane, he was the main song man and all those fish, Balibal, all them fella all come out to dance but they no good. Every time that lightning come out to dance, he sing out, squeal and frighten everyone away. They jumped in that river, this channel now. The shark was the first one to jump in and lead the way for all the people. But the songs they go with all those people." - Roxanne Thomas