Introducing our New Community Partners, Surat Aboriginal Corporation

We are very excited to introduce our new community partners Surat Aboriginal Corporation (SAC). Based in the community of Surat in South West Queensland, SAC focuses on sustaining the cultural preservation, promotion and development of Indigenous culture in the Maranao region. The non-for-profit also runs a number of programs that focus on supporting the physical and mental health of people in the local Indigenous communities.

Literacy for Surat State School kids as part of one of SAC’s many programs. Courtesy of Surat Aboriginal Corporation, 2021.

At Yarn, a key element of our mission is to support the health and wellbeing of Indigenous communities. So, we are feeling very ecstatic to support this non-for-profit as they are so dedicated to helping their local community thrive! We will be supporting their upcoming Bamba Gii Festival which will be held in Roma on the 25th of September, 2021. The festival is set to become Outback Queensland's premier Indigenous tourism event. An event to celebrate music, dance, food and Indigenous culture. As a start yarn will be designing and producing tees for the festival volunteers and Surat Indigenous Children's Group who will be performing the song "Strong Heart, Bamba Gii.” We will also be providing custom festival merchandise.

 Bamba Gii Festival coming up September 2021. Courtesy of Surat Aboriginal Corporation, 2021.

One of SAC’s key focuses is their Culture and Capability program. The project supports and builds the capacity and leadership of individuals. It also advocates for healing through maintaining, supporting, protecting and promoting Indigenous culture. Through this program, SAC founded the South West Qld Indigenous Cultural Trail which is a collaborative project between SAC and other Indigenous communities in South West Queensland. The area is home to significant Indigenous cultural heritage, healing places and undisturbed natural bushlands and waterways. The cultural trail celebrates these places and shares their cultural significance with everyone:

“Looping from Dirranbandi to St George and Surat, to Roma, Mitchell and Charleville, then through Cunnamulla back to St George, the trail comprises a number of different cultural heritage sites across seven towns which hold significant meaning to the local Indigenous people. It is a network of Indigenous groups, each with their own amazing sites, stories, healing places and creative energies.” - South West Queensland Indigenous Cultural Trail, 2017.

Information shelter beside the Balonne River, just outside Surat, 2020. Courtesy of South West Queensland Indigenous Cultural Trail, 2021.

Surat Aboriginal Corporation also runs a Safety and Wellbeing program that aims to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous people, particularly teenages and young adults. SAC facilitates a number of workshops and events to address and raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, social and emotional wellbeing, community safety & family violence and depression & suicide ideation. They deliver services across the region through collaborating with other local Indigenous organisations.

Traditional face painting at playgroup as part of one of SAC’s many programs. Courtesy of Surat Aboriginal Corporation, 2021.

Lastly, SAC runs some incredible projects and activities for Indigenous children and their local schools in the Maranoa region. They believe in the importance of providing children the love, care and quality education. They aim to improve early childhood development, literacy and numeracy, school readiness, school attendance and retention. SAC do this through running playgroups, mums and bubs reading groups, providing healthy lunches, a breakfast club and an after school homework club.

Surat Aboriginal Corporation are an incredible asset to their local community and we are excited to see how our partnership grows and help them achieve their vision.

You can learn more about Surat Aboriginal Corporation here. Check out their Facebook here and their Instagram here!