Introducing Native Bush Food Business Warndu

We are very excited to welcome Indigenous owned company, Warndu. Warndu means good in Adnyamathanha language, native to the Flinders Ranges Country in South Australia. Their mission through gathering native bush food ingredients is to regenerate culture, community, tradition, heath and soils. Each of their delicious products features one or more native Australian ingredients. Today we hear from founders Damien Coulthard, Rebecca Sullivan and Siobhan O'Toole about Warndu’s mission and unique products.

Rebecca Sullivan and Damien Coulthard. Courtesy of Warndu, 2022.

What is Warndu’s mission?

“Our mission is to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, health and our soils. Every product we make includes one or more Native Australian Ingredients. How is this done, by elevating Aboriginal voices through food (First Nation resources) and shared stories of diverse Aboriginal identities. Access is the key, by using our platform we can help educate and create change in how we (all Australians) feel and think from an Aboriginal lens about ancient food systems, restoration of environments and cultural heritage.”

Does cooking with and sharing native bush foods help you connect to your culture and Country?

“Country, food and community are important to the restoration of language, story and cultural heritage. Some of my fondest memories involve family camping trips with grandparents, aunties and uncles, sitting around a campfire under the stars and enjoying a feast cooked over coals. The connection point is always food, as this evokes a feeling or memory creating access to oral family histories of significance.”

Warndu's wellness products featuring natural, native ingredients. Courtesy of Yarn, 2022. 

Tell us about business is helping regenerate community, tradition, and culture.

“Warndu has developed authentic and respectful relationships with key knowledge keepers, communities, wild harvesters, growers and industry leaders over the past 6 years which have all contributed to our business growth and success.

“This looks like an extensive range of products which celebrate one or more native plants, curated events with the foundation of Aboriginal Histories and personalised Education Experiences with the theme of Place. Taste. Story (Warndu Education, Tea blending and Cooking Classes ).
“Warndu believes it takes a community of change agents who draw on the strength/ expertise from past leaders (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) to regenerate community, tradition and culture. It’s about working with the right experts / knowledge keepers in context to country and food systems to elevate Aboriginal voices and promote organisations who operate with integrity.”

What are 3 of your favourite native bush ingredients to cook with?

“Quandongs, Lemon myrtle and Bush Tomatoes.”

Warndu's freeze dried native fruits and loose leaf tea. Courtesy of Yarn, 2022. 

What is your future for Warndu, and where do you see your business going from here?

“I see Warndu as being a voice for the Native Food industry (celebrating First Nations resources and protection of IP Plants and animals), Warndu Education (Cultural Appreciation, Tourism Cultural and food exploration).”

Warndu’s products are now available on Yarn, shop now!