How to Style Indigenous Art in Your Home Pt 2

Mungapunju By Chris Japanangka Michaels - Original Painting - 107X46cm. Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, 2021.

Based on your style and preference, there is a wide range of colour and design schemes to choose from within Indigenous art. A lot of people are not aware of this, because when the phrase “Aboriginal artwork” is brought up many people immediately think of dots and earthy tones. There are actually many Aboriginal cultures and communities nation-wide, each with their own unique artistic style, choice of mediums, colour palette and iconography. Aboriginal artwork is also constantly evolving as many artists have embraced a more contemporary approach to artistically express their identity, culture, spirituality and connection to Country (Japingka Aboriginal Art, 2021).

Below you will find the different types of colour palettes used within Aboriginal art and inspiration for how to decorate your living spaces using these palettes:

Ochre Colours

Janganpa By Glen Jampijinpa - Original Painting - 76X76cm (left). Ngalyipi Vine By Pauline Napangardi Gallagher - Original Painting - 107X61cm (right). Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, 2021.

Lukarrara Dreaming By Andrea Nungarrayi Wilson - Original Painting - 76X46cm (left). Ngapa Puyurru By Chantelle Nampijinpa Robertson - Original Painting - 183X61cm (right). Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, 2021.

Cool Blue Tones

Lukarrara By Margie Napurrurla Leo - Original Painting - 61X46cm (left). Majardi By Kelly Napanangka Michaels - Original Painting - 76X76cm (right). Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, 2021.

Desert Seed By Alana Nakamarra Gibson - Original Painting - 76X30cm. Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, 2021.

Desert Landscape Colours

Mawurrji By Pamela Napurrurla Walker - Original Painting - 61X46cm (left). Emu Dreaming By Sabrina Nungarrayi Gibson - Original Painting - 122X76cm (right). Courtesy of Yarn Gallery, 2021.

Nguru Yurntuma-Wana By Cecilia Napurrurla Wilson - Original Painting - 46X46cm (left). Mina Mina By Pauline Napangardi Gallagher - Original Painting - 122X122cm (right). Images courtesy of Yarn Gallery, 2021.

We hope these tips have inspired you to consider incorporating First Nations art into your interior decor. By doing so, you are not only celebrating one of the oldest living cultures on the planet, you are  communicating respect and recognition for the First Nations artists who put their heart and soul into these magnificent works. So, if you're a first time buyer of Indigenous art or adding to your collection, we hope that you find an artwork in Yarn Gallery that connects and speaks to you, whether it be on a philosophical, educational or emotional level.

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