First Nation Bedtime Stories Challenge 2020

Image sourced from First Nations Bedtime Stories

The First Nations Bedtime Stories Challenge is a unique way for all people to learn from and celebrate First Nations cultures. You are invited to join for a week of learning and sharing by watching five Dreaming stories over five days, told to you by First Nations elders and knowledge custodians from Central Australia. The Dreaming stories hold incredible significance for Indigenous people and are part of Australia's unique cultures and history. By participating in and supporting the challenge you are helping to bridge the knowledge gap and enabling the continuation of these stories and the sharing of Australian First Nations culture.

First Nations Bedtime Stories, created by Common Ground First Nations, is a platform designed to share First Nations cultures with the wider community and increase understanding of the cultures.

The challenge aims to record, preserve and share stories and cultural knowledge. These stories are fundamental to First Nations cultures and people, and are a rich asset for Australia. The challenge also provides opportunities for First Nations people to be paid for something they are proud of. This includes knowledge custodians, elders, community members and facilitators, teachers, filmmakers and creatives. Participation in the challenge allows for an increase in understanding of First Nations people and cultures as a way of creating systemic change to build a better future.

Image sourced from First Nations Bedtime Stories 

Australia's First Nations cultures make up the oldest continuous cultures in the world, going back over 80,000 years. For thousands of generations Dreaming stories, knowledge and wisdom were passed down to kin orally however, since colonisation these stories that are integral to the foundations of First Nations culture have been set aside, devalued and often forgotten. First Nations Bedtime Stories support Indigenous communities and provide a new avenue for these stories to be shared in our homes, schools and communities.

The First Nations Bedtime Stories Challenge is free to participate in, however you are invited to support the continued recording of these significant stories by spreading awareness, donating towards the cause and fundraising in your community. All funds raised help to maintain and share more stories and important cultural knowledge. The funds go towards paying the First Nations knowledge custodians, community members involved and the First Nations filmmakers who help to capture these stories.

Here at Yarn we celebrate and support Australia's First Nations people and culture through our partnership with The MaraWay and collaboration with Indigenous artists.. We acknowledge the significance of First Nations culture and the importance of sharing the Dreaming stories in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner.

First Nations Bedtime Stories Challenge is all online and begins on November 16 and runs until November 20, 2020. You can participate in this challenge on your own, at home with family or at school. There are also some really great learning resources available in conjunction with this challenge for teachers and schools electing to participate.

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We at Yarn, acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and sea. We pay our respect to all Elders, past, present and emerging.