Boost Your Mood With Colour

Have you been struggling with the winter feels? It happens every year, the weather gets colder, days get shorter and we have less time to spend in the sun. Understandably our moods are low and to add to this everyone is wearing their dark winter clothes. Traditionally, winter clothes tend to be black and muted tones which is crazy because this is the time of year when everyone is desperately in need of a mood boost. 

Wearing colour has been scientifically proven to improve one's mood and overall energy levels. Colour actually has an effect on our hormones. When the eye takes in bright colours it triggers a release of dopamine, the amazing hormone that makes you feel happy. So when you wear colour, you get to feel these wonderful effects all day long and the people around you also get to enjoy the benefits of your colourful outfit. 

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Flowering Gums Panel Skater Dress

Society's obsession with black stems from a range of human habits. One of the key ones is that from a young age all of us are told that black is a slimming colour and this is something that will dictate the way people dress, often for the rest of their lives. People also find that wearing black is easy, they don’t have to spend time creating outfits because black will always match with black. Lastly it can be a way of blending in, often people are very scared of standing out with the way that they dress. Black, overall, might seem like the easy choice however when worn all the time it can have a huge impact on one's sense of creativity and joy. 

“If you aren’t feeling centred or secure, black can feel like a security blanket. For that reason, we see a lot of black in cities. In my work I try to help people move away from black because it can have a depressive quality to it,” - Constance Hart, Colour Theory Expert and Founder of Conscious Colours

Often colour has a hugely positive impact on our moods because we associate it with holidays and weekends. These are good times when we wear our colourful clothes in the outdoors and sunshine. So wearing them in our everyday lives, rather than just our usual muted work clothes can have a hugely positive affect on our mood. These clothes give us that holiday feeling and mentality. Our positive reactions to certain colours can also be linked back to colour representation in nature. An example of this is blue. Most of us have positive associations with this colour because it makes us think of blue skies, sunshine and being able to play outside as a child. Warm and cool colours can make us feel very different emotions. Both yellow and orange are warm colours. Yellow is known to be the happiest of all colours as it can stimulate joy and uplift one’s mood. Orange is the perfect combination of joyful yellow and fiery passionate red, the result is a colour that gets you feeling energized. 

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Here at Yarn we are aware of the amazing impacts that colour can have on our emotions and as such we love working with bright colours. Many of the artists we work with love to incorporate bright bold colours into their artwork. As we make it through the last month of winter we encourage everyone to try and break the mold by adding some colour to your everyday outfits. We know how scary it can be to step outside of your comfort zone, but the rewards that colour can bring are truly worth it.