Australia’s New Indigenous Designed Nation Brand

Australia Nation Brand logo New Australia’s Nation Logo. Courtesy of Brand Australia, 2022.

As of February this year, Australia has introduced a new Indigenous-designed Nation Brand logo which represents Australia’s incredibly rich culture. The new logo was created to showcase Australia’s stories, people, places and products in a more unifying way, so that we can raise the profile of Australian goods and services internationally (NIT, 2022). 

The logo was co-designed by Balarinji, a Sydney based Indigenous design and strategy studio. Through authentic engagement with First Nations people, culture, art and stories, Balarinji have designed a logo that embraces Indigenous culture as an integral part of our nation's identity. In a post featured on the Balarinji blog (2022), their Co-Founder and Cultural Director, Yanyuwa man John Mariart AM describes the meaning behind this unique design: 

“The kangaroo is bounding forward, reflecting Australia’s optimism. It is formed by a contemporary expression of three boomerangs. The head is the hooked ‘7’ boomerang used in ceremonies as a percussive, rhythmic instrument for song and dance.

“The body and tail are boomerangs used for hunting or foraging for food, or to connect with softwood to spark fire. This kangaroo tells the story of Country, of belonging and of living sustainably.”

These elements are designed to embody the spirit of Yamulhu awara ambirriju, which means “Good Country up ahead, good feeling for the future.” These words of optimism in the Yanyuwa language are provided by fluent Yanyuwa speaker and traditional custodian Samuel Evans, as well as the fluent Yanyuwa speaker and Monash University Linguistics Professor, John Bradley (Australia’s Nation Brand, 2022).

 Both the logo and tagline were developed through the Brand Advisory Council and design agencies Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Houston Group, and, of course, Balarinji. In an interview with SBS News (2022), Trade Minister Dan Tehan explained the importance of creating an easily recognisable country of origin symbol:

"A strong nation brand and tagline will reinforce Australia's reputation as an internationally competitive investment destination, a great place to visit, a quality provider of education, and a trusted exporter of premium goods and services."

As an Australian goods provider ourselves, it is wonderful to see Australia’s goods and services now being represented by an Indigenous design that authentically represents the rich culture and peoples of our nation. 

If you would like to learn more about Australia’s Nation Brand and access some of their free resources and assets for businesses, click here