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Wardapi by Maryanne Nungarrayi - Original Painting - 30x30cm

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We are very excited here at Yarn to now offer a number of incredible original paintings by Warlukurlangu Artists, an art centre based in the remote community of Yuendumu. The artists are famous for their gloriously colourful acrylic paintings that depict stories of the country around Yuendumu and Nyirripi, the Dreamtime and their ancestors.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the delicate nature of these original paintings, each will be carefully packaged and shipped within 3 weeks.

Product: Original Canvas Painting
Materials: Stretched canvas, acrylic paint and raw oak wooden frame (1x 4.5cm).
Size: 30x30cm
Artist: Maryanne Nungarrayi
Story: Wardapi

This painting depicts 'Wardapi' (sand monitor/goanna). The Wardapi Dreaming tells a story of forbidden love at the site of Yarripilangu. The story goes that a Japandardi man named Wamaru travelled south and approached a group of women that were sitting in a circle. He wanted to woo a Nungarrayi woman who was the "wrong skin for him." By tribal law, their relationship would be taboo. Still, he chose to pursue her and they went up the hill at Yarripilangu where they made love. The earth there turned to white ochre and the man turned himself and all of the women into goannas. To this day, white ochre can be found at the top of the hill. The ochre is used for love magic and ceremonial decoration.


Maryanne Nungarrayi

Aboriginal Warlpiri woman

Maryanne paints Wardapi Jukurrpa (Goanna Dreaming) - Yarripurlangu and Yankirri Ngipiri (Emu Egg Dreaming).