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Marks Vegan Food Wrap

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These vegan wax wraps are the perfect waste-free way of keeping food fresh! They can be used: to keep loaves of bread and halved avocados, lemons and melons fresh, as lid replacements for mason jars and containers or to line your fridge to keep the shelves clean. They are Australian made and 100% vegan, eco friendly and 100% biodegradable. 

Product: Vegan Food Wrap 3 Pack
Materials: Organic cotton, candelilla wax, organic cocoa butter, Australian Jojoba oil, organic coconut oil and dammar resin.
Washing: Gentle cold wash with dishwashing detergent or soap. Never wash in hot water of the wax will melt.
Dimensions: Small (17x17cm), medium (30x35), large (34x34cm)
Artist: Damien and Yilpi Marks

This is a teaching painting, describing a dry season in Mount Liebig, in the Northern Territory.Women & children collect bush potatoes & prepare for inma (ceremony). A man, wati, sits down with his waru (spear). Controlled burnings are taking place as the spinifex is dry, and this means good fruits can grow.

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