From The Flame Trees

Kambaba Jasper Soothing Stone Woven Necklace

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These gorgeous macrame-style necklaces connect with country through beautiful crystals. Each unique piece draws inspiration from bush, beach, mountains, creeks and rivers through connecting with the energies and ancient wisdom of crystals.

Each necklace is made with love by Wakka Wakka woman Sharntell Ferrari. Kambaba Jasper is connected to nature and plant energy. It's known to nourish the mind, body and spirit, helping the wearer connect with their roots, absorb nutrients and make way for new growth.

Please note: These necklaces are handmade so the size and colour of the crystal and twine may vary slightly from the images.

Product: Woven Crystal Necklace
Materials: Kambaba Jasper and cotton twine
Artist: Sharntell Ferrari
Crystal: Kambaba Jasper

Sharntell Ferrari (From The Flame Trees)

Wakka Wakka woman

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