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Jaralypari Lukarrara Linen/Cotton Cushion Cover 40x40 cm

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Pure Ochres brand new range of cushion covers are the perfect addition to any living room. Composed of cotton and linen, they have a natural soft feel. For simple removal cushions and clean finish they feature an invisible side seam zipper.

These beautiful cushion covers feature artworks by Warlukurlangu Artists. The artworks tell unique stories about country, culture and the Dreaming.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Cushion Covers do not come with cushions included.

Product: Cushion Cover
Fabric: 70% Cotton, 30% Linen
Dimensions: 40 x 40cm
Story: Jaralypari Lukarrara
Artist: Sabrina Napangardi Granites

This painting depicts a part of the 'Lukarrara' (Desert Fringe-rush Seed) Dreaming based in Jaralypari. Iconography is seen here, whereby large concentric circles represent this site, as well as the seed bearing grass, Lukarrara.