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We offer a beautiful range of scarves here at Yarn Marketplace. All of our pieces are super light weight, made out of fabrics such as polyester, chiffon and silk, making them perfect for any season all year round. They all feature bold patterns that constitute a kind of spirit that is exclusive to Yarn.

Versatile scarf designs 

Given the versatile range of colours and patterns we offer, we have something that suits all occasions, outfits and tastes. Our assortment of chiffon scarves is incredibly soft and lightweight, perfect to be worn both during the day and in the evening. We also have an assortment of 100% silk scarves. All our silk scarves consist of rolled edges and are lightweight enough to be worn during the summer months. They are extremely versatile as they can be styled in endless different ways - as a bandana, around the neck, as a belt or around the wrist. All our designs come in an array of sizes too.

Collaboration with Indigenous Art Centres 

Aneura’s elegant design will not disappoint you. Their pieces are both timeless, modern, and beautifully bold in design. Each of their pieces tells beautiful stories about the flora and fauna, landscapes and the culture of First Nations communities through the artworks of Indigenous artists. Aneura collaborates with remote Indigenous Art Centres such as Warlukurlangu Artists and features their artworks in simple designs to help them take centre stage on their pieces.

Lore Clothing Co. 

Lore Clothing Co.’s extensive range of clothing products features original artworks from talented Indigenous artists. They are passionate about spreading awareness about First Nations peoples and culture, of beautiful Australia, through their designs. Each of their pieces excels in quality and are made with comfort and practicality in mind.


Our products feature 100% authentic indigenous artworks & designs.


Ethically and sustainably sourced indigenous designed products.


Ease of mind product guarantee and returns policy.


Your orders support indigenous employment and training.