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Guganigine- Kookaburra Handpainted Pot

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Brighten up your home or garden with these gorgeous hand painted ceramic pots. Every design tells a unique story some are about the incredible wildlife and natural landscape of Australia and others are about the importance of family and culture.

Artist Mandy Draper creates Deadly Dot Pots products as a way of raising awareness about mental health and the incredible impact that art can have on everyone's well being.

Guganigine meaning Kookaburra in Darug Language. Guganigine’s stay and live together in their family groups. This painting represents the gathering of family and the colours represent the connection to their country, their land.

Product: Hand Painted Pot
Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions: 14cm (W) x 12.5cm (H)
Story: Guganigine (Kookaburra)
Artist: Mandy Draper

Mandy Draper (Deadly Dot Pots)

Aboriginal Darug woman of the Cabrogal Clan

Mandy’s mission is to raise awareness about mental health, sharing how art can have the ability to positively impact people's l... Learn more